Bankruptcy Resources


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Bankruptcy Fees


bankruptcy attorney – Googl..


Bankruptcy Forms

Chapter 7 Fee Waivers

Credit Counseling Agencies and Debtor Education Providers

Bankruptcy Notice Provider Application (pdf)

Executive Office for United States Trustees

Filing for bankruptcy without an attorney

Interim guidance regarding tax information (pdf)

Means Testing

Notice of Domestic Support Obligations

Obtain another copy of the Discharge Order

  • Conflict of Interest for Law Firms – How to Avoid a Motion to Disqualify Representing Multiple Defendants in Delaware Corporate Bankruptcy Cases (
  • Tips Series: How To Avoid Bankruptcy 4 Effective Tips & 7 Tips If You Have No Alternative (
  • Should I File Chapter 13 or Chapter 7? (
  • No Bankruptcy without Credit and Debt Counseling (
  • Michigan Bankruptcy Requirements: Post-filing Debtor Education (
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